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Federica Viero

– M.Sc. economic and social sciences

– major in international economics

– 18 years in corporate roles

– designer of learning experiences

– intercultural competence and inclusion trainer

– workshop facilitator

– presenter

– lecturer

– mentor and career coach to foreign talents in Sweden

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Federica holds a Master of Science in Economic and Social Sciences with a major in international economics from Bocconi University in Milano, Italy. She has been operating for 18 years in corporate, in business development and management roles in France, Italy and Sweden, where she moved to in 2013. 

Since 2017, Federica has been working as an intercultural and inclusion facilitator and trainer, both through her Swedish-based consultancy The Intercultural Lab and in partnership with actors in the learning industry such as Learnlight, Akteos, Human Entrance, NetExpat.

In this capacity she has taught, advised and trained hundreds of leaders, employees, academics and mentees at global organizations like Ikea, Tetra Pak, Tata Group, Barry Callebaut, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Saint Gobain Group and some more.

Proficient in English, French, Italian and Swedish, Federica delivers work in these languages. Her main areas of expertise are intercultural competence and inclusion as well as the Swedish, the French and the Italian business cultures in particular, that she shares through public presentations, one-to-one and group training, workshops, seminars and lectures, in-person and online. 

Federica regularly guest-lectures at universities such as Lund University and Halmstad University on the subject matters of intercultural negotiation, intercultural competence and Swedish culture for newcomers. She has also mentored foreign talents for integration in Sweden with the Swedish non-profit Mitt Liv. Since 2018 she has been a regular speaker at the International Citizen Hub in Lund. 

Federica’s work is driven by her eagerness to help organizations become more effective social and economic actors through intercultural competence and inclusion, as well as to support individuals in their personal and professional journey across cultures.

Years in Corporate

Years in Sweden

Years in the ICI* Industry

Years outside Home Country

*Intercultural Competence and Inclusion

Federica at LICH
Federica at Folk Uni
Federica at HIC
Federica at ESS


They say about Federica’s work

“Federica delivered a great intercultural course which was really valuable in helping me to understand the culture and work environment in Sweden at the start of my first overseas work assignment.
By sharing her personal and professional experiences Federica created an environment where we could fully explore the topics.
The course was well researched and tailored to my specific questions. Federica was able to run an interactive, engaging series of sessions online to ensure the training was a success despite the current travel restrictions.”

Peter Gibbon, Factory Controller

Imperial Brands Plc

“I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Federica as she with inspiration and insight has given lectures and workshops for our international master’s students. […] Federica’s intercultural competence has been a perfect fit as she shares, among other things, aspects that are important to understand and learn about the Swedish labor market and workplace.

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Camilla Bagler, University Lecturer

Halmstad University

“Very good training on multicultural teamwork!
It was so interesting to realize our working habits and our reactions per nationality.
Take the time for this training, it will bring a lot of value to the project at stake and to the organization.
India, France, US, Poland, Sweden, Brazil and Italy, all in the same room!”


Inclusive Teamwork Workshop Participant

Tata AutoComp

Working in a multicultural environment with a remote team in Istanbul and Shenzhen and five nationalities in the team, I was looking for someone who could help us understand the power of multi-culture. […] Federica immediately understood my need and created a tailor-made 1-day workshop. She used interactive tools and it took only a couple of minutes to start up discussions, sharing experiences and opinions within the Team. […]

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Bernard Salvetat, Project Manager

Ikea of Sweden

– It was an amazing event, very creative, inspiring and useful. It was impressive to be in a 3-hour webinar without getting bored at all!
– Information was presented very clearly and all hit the target. Thanks a lot for 3 beneficial hours! I’d like to take upcoming events with pleasure.
– Very happy to have Federica back discussing Swedish culture and networking in general!
– More events with this Federica!

Learn more and ask the Hub the complete evaluation report.

Swedish Workplace Culture Public Webinar Participants - 100% satisfied

Lund International Citizen Hub

“I am very satisfied with the 1-day ‘Living and working in Sweden’ program delivered by Federica. I particularly appreciated her professionalism, the customization of the program, the level of interactivity and her ability to discuss specific topics and situations relevant to me.
What I enjoyed the most was Federica’s relaxed teaching and ability to chat openly.
I learned a lot, thank you!

Ask me the anonymized evaluation report. 

Individual Trainee, Swedish Culture

Federica gave a much-appreciated lecture for our Swedish for Entrepreneurs students at Folkuniversitet in Malmö. She dealt with topics related to Swedish workplace culture such as leadership, communication, cooperation and equality. […] Knowledge is power and Federica’s lecture definitely contributed to increased knowledge about Swedish culture among our students. We look forward to inviting her again next semester!

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Rebecca Göthe, Responsible for the Swedish for Entrepreneurs Program

Folkuniversitet Malmö Lund

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