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Let’s Embrace Working Multiculturally



The Intercultural Lab


Let’s Embrace Working Multiculturally



The Intercultural Lab


Let’s Embrace Working Multiculturally



The Intercultural Lab


Let’s Embrace Working Multiculturally



Cultural diversity in the workplace.
Why it is so crucial, and how
The Intercultural Lab can help.

Cultural diversity is everywhere in our business lives.

Which culture does your new colleague come from and what would the perfect ice-breaker be?
How do you receive and get across messages the right way with foreign prospects or partners – or with your headquarters on the other side of the planet?
Cultural diversity is everywhere in our business lives.
Some think of it as a source of puzzling dilemmas, while others see unprecedented opportunities in it.

Whatever our take is, one thing is sure: cultural diversity adds to the complexity of the challenges we face.

When it comes to the long-term success of international organizations or companies, cultural diversity also acts like a powerful pivot.
Leaving it unattended would likely undermine everyone’s performance in your global workplace. Research shows it would also indent motivation and engagement, ultimately affecting the people’s overall well-being at work.
However, when understood and purposely taken care of, it can serve a business as a priceless competitive advantage.

A powerful pivot.

The most precious raw material.

This is a peculiar feature of cultural diversity applied to business. We can think of it as a very reactive raw material. It has the power to either quietly sabotage health and performance throughout the organization or to trigger creativity and results, producing competitive advantage.
So much so that some companies perish because of the high cultural diversity they face, while some others totally thrive because of their high cultural diversity.
Do you and your company have the right expertise to manufacture this reactive matter called cultural diversity, avoid corrosion of workers’ well-being, prevent occasional explosions in face to face interactions and eventually make the most of it?


It all depends on how much in control of its mechanics and how aware of its make you and your people are.
That’s why ironing out multiculturalism in your global workplace is hardly a good move.

Instead, chose a success strategy: acknowledge it, make it weight the right side of the balance and finally turn it into your most creative strategic asset, no matter if it’s to minimize stress, to support your daily routines or to design and build an unbiased vision for your company.
Where do you stand in this process? Is a cultural diversity challenge standing in your way to happiness and effectiveness at work?

Where do you stand?

HR Professional

As HR Professional you are responsible for human resources, in multiple ways.
As appointed people strategist, as knowledgeable HR professional, as an empathic colleague.
In all your decisions, 
you create value by nailing the hazy balance between supporting the board and getting support from the board, finding ways to quantifying the uncountable.
Then you deploy these decisions.
Cultural diversity is one of the main variables.

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Corporate Leader

When you are responsible for a team, you belong to all the front-lines.
Facing hierarchy and stakeholders, you’re in quest of solid performance and perspective. 
Plus, you’re responsible for providing modern leadership.
Yet, the management roles are changing fast. A new, 
modern leader persona is emerging. 
Cultural diversity is a major key in the new order.
Not any longer a solely HR topic, cultural diversity has gained strategic relevance.

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Global Employee

Assuming global responsibilities, accessing high visibility and recognition —
Being on a global assignment is supposed to be exciting, on paper. You travel, you are in charge, you gain a broader perspective.
But getting stuff done and well done while navigating cross-cultural dilemmas is tough.
Take control of cultural diversity.
It will stop overwhelming you and start enhancing your career.

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